Thursday, June 28, 2012

George's Island

We took another ferry ride to a different island, this time George's. George's Island has a big fort with hidden staircases and big rooms to explore. It is also supposedly haunted by "the lady in black." We hope to go back soon, with Daddy and some flashlights. Next time, I'd like to take a water taxi to explore some of the other islands, like Peddock's and Lovell's. George's Island has a whole row of adirondack chairs in front of the wonderful is that?!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5-minute project: Chalk painting!

Whenever we go to the sprinkler park down the street, we bring some chalk. Add some water, and it makes a bright paint that dries like chalk (and washes off easily). It's a fun, messy project that always attracts a crowd of tots :)

One Fun-filled Day

Friday was a gorgeous day and we decided to take a Ferry over to Spectacle Island. I've only taken a ferry once, when Orange was about 4, to George's Island, and it's something I keep meaning to do! The islands are quite beautiful and offer an brilliant view of the city. Ocean loved riding the ferry. We sat on the bottom on the way there, but up on top per her request on the way back. Spectacle Island has a lot of beach, the west is lifeguarded for swimming, and the east is not. We walked along the east beach and much to my pleasure, it was absolutely covered with huge, beautiful chunks of sea glass and old pottery. I have recurring dreams of finding treasures and trinkets washed up in waves (seriously) so this type of thing is right up my alley. I filled my pockets with some choice items, and Ocean collected her own interesting assortment of finds. Even though the beach is absolutely covered in glass, you can walk barefoot. All the glass is worn smooth. There must be some kind of tidal phenomenon with glass washed up from the city and the way the island is positioned...I don't know, but however it happens, I've never seen anything like it. We stayed for a couple of hours (we never got to the trails, but spent a lot of time admiring the coastal treasures and soaking up sun on the beach) and then took the ferry back, just as a big black, ominous cloud approached. It started raining as soon as we got off the boat, which was perfect timing as I desperately wanted a nice big latte and Ocean needed a bathroom break so we scooted into the Marriot and waited out the downpour. It was one of those vehement but short-lived rain storms, so it was over in 10 minutes. I let Ocean play at the Christopher Columbus playground for a little while (it was half-dry in a matter of minutes), and then we walked over the carousal. I overheard a family talking about how they were going to Children's museum for the $1 Friday night special. I had totally forgot about that, and thought that might be a fun way to end our fun day. We followed them over there (I had no idea how to walk there from the waterfront), and again, we made it just in time. It started down-pouring as soon as we got to the door. We spent a couple of hours there, and then walked to Downtown Crossing to get on the orange line for home. I was very proud of Ocean for walking so far. She must have walked 5 miles that day, and she never complained. I feel so lucky to have such an awesome kid :) Ready to board the ferry, with an "Ocean Ave." popsicle (made locally): Sea-glass heaven! Ocean and her treasures: An ominous cloud followed us back: Ocean asked to sit on the top on the way was very windy! Carousal ride: and finally, the Children's museum! The treasures that made it home:
"I love you more than all the people I don't know in the world! I love you all the way to Earth!" -Ocean, June 12, 2012