Thursday, March 22, 2012


It's March 22nd and a balmy 80 degrees...crazy for March in New England, but we'll take it! I ordered 600 tiny mosaic tiles for art projects. Today we started making some little clay pots.
We used Crayola Air-dry white clay (link). I really like this clay~ it's easy to work with, dries hard, and can be sanded and painted after it's dry. The plan is to make the pots, paint & shellac them, and then plant something in them (maybe sprouts or grass since it grows so fast). Here's what we're reading:
If you aren't familiar with the Scholastic "First Discovery" books, you should check them out! They have transparent pages so that you can "look inside" fruits,vegetables, eggs, flowers, etc. I bought a huge lot of them off of Ebay for cheap. After we made our pots and some flower ornaments, I gave Ocean a mini-muffin tin for sorting the tiles:
I've also started punching out circles from old graphic design sample books. I'm not sure what we're going to do with these yet but I'm envisioning big flowers :)

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