Thursday, May 31, 2012

Audubon #3 and #4: Blue Hills Trailside Museum & The Visual Arts Center

This week, we ventured to the Blue Hills Trailside Museum in Milton and then went to nearby Canton to check out the Visual Arts Center. The Trailside Museum is great. They have a bunch of wild animals that are rehabilitating such as hawks, owls, a skunk, and deer. We bought the kids their own walking sticks in the museum store. I did have visions of making our own this summer, but these are nice and sturdy with rubber tips so I succumbed.
The Visual Arts Center has a museum of nature art collections. The trails there wound around a running brook and through dense pine forests so it was a refreshing 10 degrees cooler. We saw lots of Lady Slippers and Jack-in-the-Pulpits.

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