Friday, March 7, 2014

5-minute recipe- Cloud Dough

If you know me, I'm all about easy & quick and this 2-ingredient recipe is just that.  All you need to make "Soft as a Cloud" dough (not to be confused with the myriad of other cloud doughs out there) is cornstarch and a cheap conditioner (we used a cheap coconut-scented one).  You can add food coloring if you wish, or leave it as it is, a crisp snow white.

I had Ocean squeeze out the entire bottle of conditioner (great fun!) and then just kept adding the cornstarch until it was the right consistency.  We mixed in a bit of food coloring for some pastel colors. 

We then raided the "junk drawer"- I'm not ashamed to admit that we have quite the collection of hodgepodge and miscellanea- and selected some choice pieces.  Viola! Our junk-drawer, cloud-dough, amorphous creature family was born.  I think they're quite endearing.

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